Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Practicum Activities

  • Module 1. Isolation and Culture Transfer Techniques
  • Module 2. Observation of Microorganisms
  • Module 3. Growth Curve
  • Module 4. Soil Microbiology
  • Module 5. The Influence of Environmental Factors for Microorganisms
  • Module 6. Water Microbiology
  • Module 7. Food Microbiology
  • Module 8. DNA amplification using PCR technique

Laboratory Facilities

Tool Name Image
Petri dish / Petri dish


Petri dishes are glass tools that function to grow microorganisms such as bacteria on agar media. Consists of two parts, namely the lid and the cup. The size of the lid is larger than the size of the cup. Petri dishes are made of heat resistant glass material.

Ose Needle


The Ose needle is made of metal which is used to inoculate the bacteria on the media. There are two types, namely straight loop needles and round loop needles. The needle is attached to the available holder. The only part that can be held is the holder.

Test Tube


Test tubes are glassware used to carry out small amounts of reactions. In addition, test tubes are also commonly used for bacterial culture on the media so that they are upright and tilted. These test tubes are typically 10 mm to 20 mm in diameter with a length of 75 mm to 200 mm.

Durham tube


Glass equipment that can be placed in a test tube and serves as a gas trap, so that it can be seen that the reaction in the tube produces gas.

L bar

Glassware which functions to spread the liquid microorganism culture on the media so that the petri dishes are distributed evenly. The lower part of the L rod is used for alignment.


Chemistry Glass is a glassware used to accommodate, mix, or heat liquids or solutions. A beaker has various sizes written on the outside of the beaker. This chemical glass is made of glass which is strong and heat resistant.

Erlenmeyer flask

Erlenmeyer flask is a glassware usually used for the manufacture of agar media and storage of bacterial cultures in liquid media. Erlenmeyer flask is made of glass which is strong and heat resistant and has a distinctive shape, which is slightly conical upwards.

Measuring cup

A measuring cup is a glassware used to measure the volume of a liquid. Measuring cups have a size of 5 ml to 1000 ml.

Volumetric Pipette


A volume pipette is a quantitative measuring instrument with a high degree of accuracy, characterized by its shape